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Your new favorite escape

Slow-burn alien romance


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The Alien's Gossip Queen
Insatiable Curiosity
The Bride Program Honeymoon
Threesome's Guide to the Galaxy
Bedside Manners for Aliens
The Bride Program


Dane's books aren't for everyone. Here is an idea of what you can expect:

  • ABSOLUTELY ZERO: Mary Sue characters that are too dumb to live, silly misunderstandings as plot drivers, super unhealthy relationships, female slavery, love triangles, or over-the-top alpha males. (No judgement if you are into these things, you just won't find them in Dane's books.)
  • Adventure and drama, but with a happy ending (or three)
  • Slow-burn romance that builds to explicit melt-your-sheets sex
  • Characters you would actually look forward to hanging out with, hopefully while sharing a bottle or two of wine
  • Amazing worlds you will love to visit
  • Complex plots that build upon each other throughout the series
  • The occasional nerdy pop culture reference or two

Learn about the series Saving Ceraste

Sound like your cup of tea? Check out The Bride Program the first book in the Saving Ceraste series.


Once upon a time Dane Griggs was a loving wife and mom who’s days were filled with family, work and volunteering. Despite being busy, she always made time for her passion:


She especially loved the worlds of paranormal romance stories, but was often disappointed by the Mary Sues, female slaves and seriously unhealthy relationships they featured.

"Give me the adventure and hot sex, but with decent guys and female leads that aren’t too stupid to live,” Dane said to her husband after a week of especially bad books.

“Why don’t you write one?” Mr. Griggs replied.

So she did...