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Book cover for Bedside Manners for Aliens by Dane Griggs. Featuring a male alien's muscled chest and a woman laying her head on his shoulder.
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Bedside Manners for Aliens

Saving Ceraste Book 2

Bedside Manners for Aliens Cover

A Sexy SciFi Alien Romance

Published May 6th, 2019

Me: I just can’t stop thinking about you. I know we can’t go further, but I have an idea. Maybe we could sext?
L’Vect: What is that?
Me: Sexting is when you tell the other person how you want them to touch themselves, and that person describes what it feels like. It’s a sex game.
L’Vect: Yes. I want to sext. What do we do next?
Me: I will go first.
Serena: Aliens have landed on earth and offered a cure for cancer in exchange for human brides to save their race. The program has led to protests and, increasingly, violence. But as a hematologist specializing in leukemia, I still jump at the chance to work with the Cerastean doctors to help cure patients. I’m assigned to work with Physician L’Vect who is well—he’s different. But there is something...
L’Vect: I have been told that I am socially inept around my own people, and I am even worse with the humans. I do not pick up on their most basic social cues. I want to help our patients, but all I can scent is their fear when I speak with them. Luckily Dr. Serena Salcedo has offered to instruct me in ‘bedside manners.’

About Saving Ceraste

Saving Ceraste chronicles a group of alien warriors and scientists who have been roaming the galaxy since the destruction of their planet. They believed their generation would be the last until they found earth and its women. Working with the world’s governments, they offer to share their technology—including cures for many common diseases—in exchange for help. Thus, The Bride Program is born. Follow the adventures of the Cerasteans, the bride volunteers, doctors, and others on their adventures to build a better tomorrow.

Meet Dane Griggs

Dane Griggs lives in Florida with her very-patient husband, two amazing trouble-making children, a bratty long-hair dachshund and too many fish tanks. In her spare time she loves to read (a lot!), write, watch movies, drink wine & pots of coffee and tend her aquaponic garden.

Mrs. Griggs enjoys writing about relationships that evolve and grow over time, with lots of super-hot sex. She strives to put her characters in interesting situations where their strength and wit shine through—no Mary Sues allowed. So grab a bottle of wine and come hang-out in the mind of Dane Griggs and a world of characters you would actually enjoy sharing that bottle with.