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Insatiable Curiosity is now available

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The fifth book in the Saving Ceraste series is available to purchase on Amazon! Hell yeah! I really really hope everyone likes it. I enjoyed writing a story about my favorite nerd Ally. As a nerd myself I like to see the geeky girl land her guy.

Below is an excerpt from Insatiable Curiosity:

It’s fantastic to have a partner in crime.

The Dulci Liberation Front girls are my best friends in the universe, but they don’t quite understand me. Let me rephrase—they do understand the person I am inside. They just don’t comprehend what I am saying most of the time. I can’t share my passion for technology with them like I can L’Zaen. My friends appreciate what drives me, but their interests lie elsewhere. I often feel like I’m on my own; in my own little solo nerd-bubble.

I watch L’Zaen through my eye lashes as he eats his noodle dish. He seems lost in thought, and his gaze is unfocused.

“If they use ion propulsion, do you think they also utilize ion cannons? It would make sense to incorporate ionized particle weapons since the technology is already in use on the ship. What do you think?” L’Zaen suddenly asks me.

If I find out L’Zaen reads manga or likes to cosplay, I will fall hopelessly in love with him, I think to myself. I would happily make room in my nerd-bubble for another person.

Posted October 19th, 2019 by Dane Griggs

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