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Updates and Easter

New updates to The Bride Program Book 1


I have just finished updating and uploading The Bride Program. Book 1 from the Saving Ceraste series (Buy here: This was the first book I ever wrote and I have learned soooo much in the year since it was first published. There was a few things I really wanted to fix so I decided to give it a quick overhaul. I would have really liked to rewrite the whole thing but that wasn't really feasible. I have edited a bunch and added about five thousand words to the original book.

Check it out if you wanna.

I am currently working on a new series that I am super duper excited about. I am about 22K words into the book right now. No idea when it will be coming out.

I still have at least one more book, if not more, in the Saving Ceraste series. As soon as I finish the one I am working on right now, I'm going to get right back to my hawt aliens. So no worries.

Also, Happy Belated Easter! I hope everyone is doing well and weathering this strange new world we find ourselves in good spirits.

Posted April 14th, 2020 by Dane Griggs

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