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pear that looks like a butt
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Phallic Fruit Friday


Since I am mentally still a fourteen year old, please enjoy this butt pear with me. Okay okay. Back to work.

I am making good progress on my third novella. It is about my favorite Cerastean scout pilots. This one is turning out to be longer than the first two novellas. I am hoping to have this first draft complete soon, but life keeps interfering. Turns out my kids need things like clean clothes and food. So needy.

I have finished the first round of edits on the second book. I am liking the way it has turned out. It is not quite as silly as the first one. The characters just turned out to be more serious. I wanted to explore what a relationship with someone who is slightly on the spectrum would be like. I felt like it deserved to be treated respectfully. I hope I managed that. Now I am stuck because I am having trouble settling on a title. Ack!

It has been a week since I released the first book The Bride Program. So far the reviews have been pretty great. I got an amazing review this morning that has me floating. Sales are going pretty good so far. Thankfully my husband has been handling all the marketing for me (sucker).

Have a great weekend!

Posted April 5th, 2019 by Dane Griggs

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